Dr. Dukle’s Hospital & Research Centre was established in October 2010.

We are a multi-specialty secondary health care hospital that aims to provide quality affordable health care to the local population, besides attending to the healthcare needs of the burgeoning domestic and international tourism industry.

The hospital also aims to build on the emergent possibilities of clinical research, preventive medicine and medical tourism.

We Specialize In

01. Medicine

02. Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Laparoscopic Surgery

03. Orthopedics & Trauma

04. General & Hepatobiliary Surgery

05. Ear, Nose & Throat (E.N.T.)

06. Urology

07. Chest & Respiratory Medicine

08. Plastic Surgery

09. Pathology & Microbiology

10. Pediatrics

11. Dermatology

12. Physiotherapy

13. Radiology

14. Anaesthesiology

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